What is FEST?

FEST is a film and an educational event divided in different activities and dimensions that include an official short and long feature film competition, as well as the sharing of information and experiences through its parallel educational event called Training Ground. The main objective of the Festival is the promotion of young filmmakers from all over the world.

Who are the organizers?

Both events are organized by FEST – Associação Cultural, a registered NGO focused on education in the audiovisual area.

When and where?

The event will take place between the 24th of June and the 1st of July 2013, in Espinho, Portugal.

How is the competition organized?

There are two separate competitions. The first is for Short-Films by filmmakers up to the age of 30, which will give out awards for Best Short Fiction, Documentary, Animation, Experimental and Academic Work. The second is exclusively focused on long features, by filmmakers of any age who are on their first or second long feature.